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Kodak U-8 Compatible USB Data Cable w/ Ferrite, Black ... only $3.58

Kodak U-8 Compatible USB Data Cable w/ Ferrite, Black

Our Price: $ 3.58
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Type: USB Cables
  • New generic for Kodak U-8 Compatible USB Data Cable w/ Ferrite, Black
  • This USB cable connects select KODAK Digital Cameras and the Photo Frame Dock 2 to the to the USB port on your PC or MACINTOSH computer, enabling you to transfer pictures or other data between the computer and the attached device.
    Compatible WithKODAK: Photo Frame Dock, Z1485 IS, C Series C1013, C Series C310, C Series C315, C Series C330, C Series C340, C Series C360, C Series C433, C Series C503, C Series c513, C Series C530, C Series C533, C Series C603, C Series C613, C Series C633, C Series C643, C Series C653, C Series C663, C Series C703, C Series C713, C Series C743, C Series C763, C Series C813, C Series C875, C Series C913, CD series CD33, CD series CD40, CD series CD43, CD series CD913, CW Series CW330, EasyShareOne 4 MP, EasyShareOne 6 MP, M / MD Series M1033, M / MD Series M1063, M / MD Series M1073 IS, M / MD Series M753, M / MD Series M763, M / MD Series M853, M / MD Series M863, M / MD Series M873, M / MD Series M883, M / MD Series M893IS, P Series P712, P Series P850, P Series P880, V Series V1003, V Series V1073, V Series V1233, V Series V1253, V Series V1273, V Series V530, V Series V550, V Series V570, V Series V603, V Series V610, V Series V705, V Series V803, Z / ZD Series Z1012 IS, Z / ZD Series Z1085 IS, Z / ZD Series Z1275, Z / ZD Series Z1285, Z / ZD Series Z612, Z / ZD Series Z650, Z / ZD Series Z700, Z / ZD Series Z710, Z / ZD Series Z712IS, Z / ZD Series Z730, Z / ZD Series Z740, Z / ZD Series Z760, Z / ZD Series Z812IS, Z / ZD Series Z8612 IS, Z / ZD Series Z885, Z / ZD Series Zd710
  • New generic Kodak U-8 Compatible USB Data Cable w/ Ferrite, Black
    Quantity: 1
    NOTE: Please pair use with KODAK USB A/V Connector (Kodak Item Number: 1030261) when using this cable for the following models: M873 / M883 / M1033 / V530 / V570 / V603 / V610 / V705 / V1073 / V1233 / V1253 / V1273
    Start syncing your camera with a PC today through this premium quality data cable.
    Connect your camera to your PC / Laptop to access and synchronize your pictures.
    Color: Black
    Best Replacement for the original Kodak U-8 cable
    Accessory ONLY. Camera not included.

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