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Fire GL X1 128MB DDR- Retail ... only $606.15
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Fire GL X1 128MB DDR- Retail

Our Price: $ 606.15
Shipping: $ 6.99
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Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 3 YEARS.  
Type: Electronics/Video Cards
128MB DDR memory to meet the needs of the most demanding CAD/CAM engineers and professional animators, 256-bit memory interface removes hardware performance bottleneck and provides end users with faster 3D graphics.

FEATURES- Fire GL X1- Retail Package

FIRE GL X1 128MB AGP 3.0 8x/4x bus Workstation grpahics board. FIRE GL X1 is the most advanced workstation graphics board, featuring ATI's FGL 9700 Visual Processing Unit (VPU). With revolutionary architecture and 128MB of memory, FIRE GL X1 delivers groundbreaking performance to power leading DCC and CAD software applications. With the addition of photo-realistic visualization and 3D asset management tools, FIRE GL X1, enables the collaborative workflow and accelerates the production pipeline, providing digital content creators, engineers and game developers with the power to generate stunning 3D animation, real-life visual effects and design work in real-time.

* Revolutionary graphics architecture
- 128 or 256MB DDR memory to meet the needs of the most demanding CAD/CAM engineers and professional animators.

- 256-bit memory interface removes hardware performance bottleneck and provides end users with faster 3D graphics.

- Industry's first 8-pixel pipeline architecture provides twice the rendering power of any competing product.

- First 128-bit floating point precision frame buffer allows complex operations without loosing precision for photo-realistic renderings.

- Supports new AGP 8X standard, providing a two way high-speed interface between the graphics subsystem and the workstation (2.0 GB/sec).

* Highest level of realism
- 24-bit for each color component (RGBA) enables true-life images to be displayed beyond 16.7M colors.

- First to fully support DirectX 9.0.

- First to support DirectX 9.0 functionality in OpenGL.

- SMARTSHADER 2.0 technology allows developers to create more complex visual effects.

- SMOOTHVISION 2.0 technology enhances image quality by removing jagged edges and bringing out fine texture detail, without compromising performance.

* Optimized Software Support
- Optimized for leading CAD and DCC software applications

- Provides stable and reliable software support for Windows and Linux platforms.

- Dual monitor support with optional HYDRAVISION software

- Additional software support available with retail products: < RENDERMONKEY - ATI's shader tool developed to allow programmers to customize and accelerate shaders.

< Right Hemisphere's Deep Visualizer provides engineers, designers, artists and animators with a simple, user-friendly tool for hardware acceleration of photo-realistic shaders in leading CAD and DCC software.

< Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration, a 3D asset management tool for efficient sharing of 3D content across a wide variety of mediums.


Add'l Return Info: Past Exch-Call ATI 905-882-2600

INTERFACE/BUS- 32-bit AGP 3.0 8x/4x

MEMORY - 128 MB of DDR memory

CHIPSET - FGL 9700 Visual Processing Unit (VPU)

CONNECTORs - (2) DVI-I ports

FEATURES - 128-bit floating point precision frame buffer
24-bit per RGBA displays beyond 16.7M colors
Eight parallel rendering pipelines
Four parallel geometry engines
AGP 8X support
Quad buffer stereo support
Direct X 9.0 functionality in OpenGL (Current product supports
DX8. DX9 will be enabled with a subsequent drivers release scheduled for April 2003). Dual integrated display controllers
Dual integrated 10-bit per channel 400 MHz DACs
Integrated 165 MHz TMDS transmitter (DVI & HDCP compliant)
Optimized for Pentium 4 SSE2 and AMD Athlon 3Dnow!
PC 2002 compliant

Tools for collaborative workflow available with retail products:
- ATI s RENDERMONKEY shader editor/translator tool

- Right Hemisphere s Deep Visualizer shader viewer tool

- Right Hemisphere s Deep Exploration 3D asset management tool SMARTSHADER 2.0

- Programmable pixel and vertex shaders

- 16 textures per pass

- Pixel shaders up to 160 instructions with 32-bit floating point precision for each RGBA component.

- Vertex shaders up to 1024 instructions with flow control

- Multiple render target support

- Shadow volume rendering acceleration

- High precision 10-bit per channel frame buffer support

- Supports DirectX 9.0 and the latest version of OpenGL SMOOTHVISION 2.0

- 2x/4x/6x full scene anti-aliasing modes

- Adaptive algorithm with programmable sample patterns

- 2x/4x/8x/16x anisotropic filtering modes

- Adaptive algorithm with bi-linear (performance) and tri-linear (quality) options. HYPER Z III

- 3-level Hierarchical Z-Buffer with early Z test

- Lossless Z-Buffer compression (up to 24:1)

- Fast Z-Buffer Clear

The Video Modes listed comply with the VESA Discrete Monitor Timing Standard (DMT Spec 1.0 Rev 0.8) or with the VESA Coordinated Video Timings Standard Proposal (CVT Rev 1.0) where applicable. For modes not covered by either DMT or CVT the VESA General Timing Formula (GTF Rev 1.1) applies.
O/S SUPPORT- Linux, Windows XP, Windows 2000

REQUIRES- Pentium 4, AMD K6/Athlon or compatible
AGP 3.0 8x/4x slot
256MB of system memory
Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
DVD playback requires DVD drive


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