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Sony CCDTRV128 Analog Camcorder ... only $291.78
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Sony CCDTRV128 Analog Camcorder

Our Price: $ 291.78
Shipping: $ 8.99
Availability: In Stock.   Usually ships within 24 hours  
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Returns Allowed: Yes.
Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 90 DAYS.  
Type: Electronics/Camcorders
FEATURES- Hi8 Handycam Camcorder
       Saving treasured moments should never cost a fortune. With the Sony
        CCD-TRV128 Hi8 Handycam camcorder, you get most of the high-end
features you would expect from a top-of-the-line camcorder, such as
        a 2.5" SwivelScreen LCD display, a huge 20X optical zoom and
        NightShot Plus infrared recording system, all for an unbelievably
        low price. It even includes the new Easy Handycam feature, which
        automates most of the camcorder s processes and makes videotaping a
    Includes Camcorder, AC-L15 Power Adaptor/In Camera Charger, NP-FM30
      InfoLithium Rechargeable Battery, Mono A/V Cable, Lens Cap, Shoulder
* NightShot Plus Infrared System
   An advanced version of Sony s NightShot Infrared system that allows
   users to record natural color images in low-light conditions, but
   without the blurring common with other lowlight recording systems.
* Battery Information
   Battery information is momentarily displayed without having to power
   on the camcorder. Quickly access the battery s status by pressing the
   Battery Info button. The Recording Time Available is displayed in
   minutes on either the LCD screen or in the viewfinder.
* Stamina Battery Power Management System
   Using the optional NP-QM91D InfoLithium battery the CCD-TRV128 can
   continuously record up to 16 hours on one complete charge, providing
   extra long battery life.
* Easy Handycam Button
   Using a camcorder can be intimidating for some people, so with a press
   of the Easy Handycam button, most of the functions of the camcorder are
   "locked out" leaving only the buttons essential for recording
* Video Hi8 Recording
   Records outstanding video quality up to 400 lines of horizontal
   resolution with Hi-Fi sound on affordable Hi8 and 8mm tapes.
* 1/6" CCD Imager, 320K Pixels Gross
   1/6" CCD imager with 200K (effective) pixels provides great detail and
   clarity, with exceptional analog video performance.
* 20X Optical/990X Digital Zoom
   The optical zoom helps to bring the action up close from far away. In
   addition, the digital zoom interpolation means that extreme digital
   zooming is clearer, with less distortion than previous types of digital
* 2.5" SwivelScreen LCD Display (123K Pixels)
   Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The high-
   resolution 123K pixels LCD rotates up to 270-degrees for multiple
   viewing angles providing sharp detailed images for monitoring or
* InfoLithium Battery with AccuPower Meter System
   Charge the battery at any time because unlike NiCad (Nickel Cadmium)
   batteries, Sony s rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries are not subjected
   to a life shortening "memory effect". Sony s exclusive AccuPower meter
   displays the battery time remaining in minutes in the viewfinder or the
   LCD screen.
* Easy Dubbing
   Connect the Handycam camcorder to a VCR deck to make VHS copies of your
   home videos quickly and easily. The camcorder will control up to 59
   brands of VCRs.
* Multi-Language Menu
   Change the menu display from English to English (Simplified), French,
   Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified) or Korean.
* Program AE (Auto Exposure) Modes
   Program AE modes make recording easy even when filming in challenging
   situations. Choose from Portrait, Beach & Ski, Sports Lesson, Landscape,
   Spotlight, Sunset & Moon modes.
* Picture Effects
   Get creative when recording or playing back videos with Sony s Picture
   Effect modes. Effects available in Camera mode: Negative Art, Sepia,
   Monotone, Solarize, Slim, Stretch, Pastel and Mosaic. Effects available
   in Playback mode: Negative Art, Sepia, Black & White and Solarize.
* End Search
   Advances the video tape to the last 5 seconds of the recorded scene.
   This prevents accidentally recording over previous recorded videos.
* Fader Effects
   Enhance your personal videos by adding professional looking fader
   effects. Choose from Black, Mosaic, White, Monotone and Stripe.
* Titling
   Add professional looking titles to your videos, select from 8 preset or
   2 customized titles with up to 22 characters.
* Built-In White LED Light
   Brightens your videos when shooting in low light with low power
* Manual Focus
   Allows the user to determine the focus of their choosing by adjusting
   the cameras focus ring allowing more creativity and/or effects. Manual
   focusing also allows the user to control the cameras focus in difficult
   situations where either the subject or environment does not allow the   
   cameras auto-focus to perform at an optimal level.

Imaging Device     : 1/6", 320K Gross Pixel Advanced HAD CCD
Video Actual       : 200K Pixels
Still Actual       : n/a
F                  : 1.6 ~ 2.4
Focal Distance     : 2.5 ~ 50 mm
35mm Conversion    : 42 ~ 840 mm
Filter Diameter    : 37mm
Optical Zoom       : 20x
Digital Zoom       : 990x
Focusing           : Full Range Auto/Manual
Min. Illumination  : 1 Lux (0 Lux with NightShot Plus Infrared)
Infrared System    : NightShot Plus
Shutter Speed      : 1/60 ~ 1/4,000 sec. (AE Mode)
Viewfinder         : Black and White, 90K Pixels
LCD                : 2.5" (123K) Color
Accessory Shoe     : n/a
Video Input/Output : No/Yes (S-Video, Mini)
Audio Input/Output : No/Yes (Mono, Special)
i.Link DV Interface: n/a
USB 2.0 Terminal   : Yes
USB Streaming      : n/a
Headphone Jack     : n/a
Mic Input          : n/a
White Balance      : Auto
Exposure           : Multi-Selector (24 steps)
OPTIONS- ACSC950D      AC Quick Charger for Super Quick Batteries
         ACVQ850D      AC/DC Adapter Quick Charger
         PCVM50        Portable AC Charger
         DCCL50        Car Battery Adapter Cable
         LCSVA1        Carrying Case
         LCSVA2        Carrying Case
         ACCKITFM50    Starter Kit
         VCL0637H      Wide Angle Lens
         VCLHG0737X    High Grade Wide Angle Lens
         VCLES06A      Wide Angle Lens
         VCLES20A      Telephoto Lens
         VCLR2037X     High Grade Telephoto Lens
         VFR37K        Natural Density Filter Kit
POWER- (VF/LCD/VF+LCD): 1.8W/2.7W/2.9W
SIZE - 3 3/8"w x 3 7/8"h x 6"d                  WT.- 1 lb. 15 oz. w/o batt.


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