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Panasonic DM-RE50K DVD RECORDER BLACK ... only $408.91
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Our Price: $ 408.91
Shipping: $ 8.99
Availability: In Stock.   Usually ships within 24 hours  
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Returns Allowed: Yes.
Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 YEAR.  
Type: Electronics/DVD Players & Recorders
FEATURES- Progressive Scan DVD Video Recorder- Black finish
with MP3 & Time Slip Playback, records to DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs.

* Recordable Disc Type

* Time Slip Function:
Our Time Slip Function consists of two features designed to give you added flexibility and control when making DVD recordings: Chasing Playback and Simultaneous Record & Play. With Chasing Playback, you don't have to wait for an entire program to be recorded before watching it from beginning to end. This feature allows you to watch a program that's currently being recorded from any point that's already been recorded -- while continuing to record the live program in progress. Simultaneous Record & Play allows you to record a program onto a disc while simultaneously watching any other program that's previously been recorded on the same disc.

* Rapid Random Access, Recording & Playback
Jump directly to any spot on a disc and begin playback or recording right away. Even if there is no sequential area of empty space available, our DVD recorders can record data on available space throughout the rest of the disc. You will also avoid searching for a blank spot to start recording, or accidentally recording over desired material.

* Playlist Playback
Perform simple non-linear video editing, such as rearranging the order of scenes, skipping over unwanted scenes, or copying selections -- to create custom playlists of favorite scenes on a disc.

* Direct Navigator
Makes it easy to find a previously recorded program on a disc. A list of recording dates, times, channels and (user-entered) titles are shown on screen. When you move the cursor to any particular recording, the segment is played in the background, so playback can begin immediately upon selection. Program deletion, protection, and title input are also easy to perform. This feature can handle up to 99 titles at once.

* One-Touch Record and Play
* Selectable Recording Modes

* Picture Quality Improvement Functions
Input TBC, 3D Y/C Separation, 3D Noise Reduction, Block Noise Reduction and Mosquito Noise Reduction.

* Dolby Digital (Dolby AC-3) 2-channel Audio Recording
* Bilingual Recording (DVD-RAM only)
* MPEG2 Encoding with Hybrid VBR (Variable Bit Rate) Technology
* Commercial Skip
During Playback, you can simply press the "CM/Zero" button on the remote control to advance the recording in 1,2 or 3-minute increments. This lets you skip unwanted scenes or commercials.

* Multi-Format Playback (Playable Disc Type)
DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, Video CD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW

* DVD-RAM Video Playback capable
This unit can play back Panasonic DVD-R discs recorded and finalized with a Panasonic DVD video recorder. It may not be able to play some DVD-R discs .

* CD-R/RW Playback
Plays CD-DA format audio CD-R and CD-RW discs. May not be able to play some CD-R or CD-RW discs due to the condition of the recording.

* MP3 Playback capable
For contents recorded on CD-R/RW media from CDs for your personal use. Playability may vary depending on contents and discs.

* Progressive Scanning
Progressive Scanning (480p) creates a picture signal with double the scan lines of a conventional DVD interlaced picture (480i), resulting in higher picture resolution, sharper image quality, and the elimination of virtually all motion artifacts.

* Video D/A Converter

* Picture Control
Brightness, Color, Contrast, Gamma

* Frame Advance (Forward & Reverse)
* Advanced Surround (V.S.S.)
Simulates a surround sound effect using only the front two speakers*, so you can enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 channel discs without an elaborate home theater system.

*This effect also works with Dolby Digital 2-channel discs. "Dolby," "Dolby Pro Logic" and "Dolby Digital" are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

* Cinema Mode
Combines brightness control with picture noise canceling to give you an improved picture under certain viewing conditions. The result is cinema-like luminance and color and a stunning picture. Plus, this feature improves the visibility of details in dark scenes by automatically adjusting the picture contrast. It even helps to suppress color smearing as well.

* Dialogue Enhancer
Most of the movie dialogue recorded in surround sound formats (Dolby Digital, DTS*, Dolby Pro Logic) is heard through the center channel speaker, and sometimes this channel can be overwhelmed by particularly loud sounds emanating from the other speakers in your surround sound system. The Dialogue Enhancer increases the center channel volume (relative to other channels), making movie dialogue easier to hear and understand.

* "DTS" and "DTS Digital Surround" are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.

* Audio D/A Converter

* Horizontal Resolution- more than 500 lines
* Remote Control
Universal (TV/DVD)

* Hi-Speed Smooth Scan (5x speed up to 100x)
* Position Memory
* Picture Mode Selection
* On-screen Menu Icons
* Optical Digital Output
For DTS and Dolby Digital Surround Sound * Quick View


CONNECTORs- (3) Composite Video In (RCA jacks) (1) Composite Video Out (RCA jack) (3) S-Video jacks (1) S-Video In (3) Composite Audio L/R In (RCA jacks) (1) Composite Audio L/R Out (RCA jacks) (1) Digital Audio Out CONNECTORs-
(3) Composite Video In (RCA jacks)
(1) Composite Video Out (RCA jack)
(3) S-Video jacks
(1) S-Video In
(3) Composite Audio L/R In (RCA jacks)
(1) Composite Audio L/R Out (RCA jacks)
(1) Digital Audio Out (Optical)
(1) RF In 9UHF/VHF)
(1) Component Video Out (Y, Pb, Pr) Switchable (480p/480i)

POWER- AC 120V, 60Hz; Consumption 26 watts, 3.2 watts in power save mode

SIZE - 16 15/16"w x 3 1/8"h x 11 3/16"d
WT.- 8.14 lbs.


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