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Panasonic DMR-T3030 PROFESSIONAL DVD-R/DVD-RAM RECORDER ... only $617.66
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Our Price: $ 617.66
Shipping: $ 8.99
Availability: In Stock.   Usually ships within 24 hours  
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Returns Allowed: Yes.
Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 YEAR.  
Type: Electronics/DVD Players & Recorders
FEATURES- Professional DVD Video Recorder
Whether your customers are across town or down the hall, you can now deliver the digital video and audio that they deserve. Time Slip -- Record and play at the same time. Progressive Scan -- Enjoy the clear, crisp images of DVD media. Extended Recording -- Up to 12 hours (EP mode)

* Chasing Playback
You set the DVD Video Recorder to start recording at 9:00 PM, when the show begins. The problem is that you get home at 9:25 PM, while the program is still in progress. Before, you'd just have to wait or watch the end first and the beginning later. Now, handy Time Slip function lets you play the show from the beginning even as it continues recording to the end, so you don't have to wait.

* Simultaneous Record & Play
This is especially convenient for recording a TV series. While you are recording this week's episode, you may want to watch the one you recorded last week. No problem. The DMR-T3030 lets you enjoy simultaneous recording and playback, so, provided both episodes are on the same disc, you can watch last week's episode while you record the one for this week.

* TimeSlip Button
Just press the TimeSlip button on the remote control once during recording to start playing back the scene recorded 30 seconds before. You can also use the cursor keys on the main unit or the remote control to return to any point from 1 to 360 minutes ago while watching the playback on a small, on-screen window.

* Progressive Scan
The DMR-T3030 is equipped with a high-precision progressive video processor that handles even the newest 30p images. This lets you enjoy high resolution progressive playback of original DVD images.

* 12 Hours Recording (EP Mode ) You can select the recording mode that best matches what you want to record. Or, just choose the FR (Flexible Recording) mode that lets you record with the best picture quality possible for the recording time and remaining space on the disc.

* High Picture Quality DVD-R Recording
With the DMR-T3030 you can create an original DVD video by recording images onto a DVD-R disc conforming to DVD Video standards.

* Playlist Playback
You can select from among the scenes recorded on the disc and arrange them in any order you want, to create your own original scenario, then save it as a playlist. You can also edit the playlists that you have created, and enjoy seamless transitions between edited scenes. (Up to 99 playlists can be created and up to 999 scenes can be registered).

* One-Touch Record & Play Function and Partial Delete & Recording This function automatically searches for a blank section on the disc and starts recording with a single press of the button. And playback is just as easy. A single touch of the button locates the start of the recorded section, and starts playing it. The system even randomly accesses areas of the disc where parts have been deleted, and uses the disc space for a new recording.

* Direct Navigator
You can display a list of programs recorded on a disc for at-a-glance confirmation of the disc's contents. And if you move the cursor and click on a desired program, that program is displayed behind the list. You can also select programs from the program list and erase them, and you can use this function even during recording.

* Plays a variety of Discs
In addition to recording and playing DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs, the DMR-T3030 can also play DVD-Video, music CD, CD-R, and CD-RW discs.

* Bilingual Recording
Both the main and sub audio channels of sound multiplex broadcasting programs can be recorded.

* CPRM* Recording Capability
When future "CPRM required programs" permit the recording of only first- generation copies, the DMR-T3030 will be prepared for them. (CPRM is Content Protection for Recordable Media).

* Hybrid VBR
This combines a real-time VBR (Variable Bit Rate) and visibility modulation technology to enable long recording times with exceptionally high-quality images.

* Real-time VBR
MPEG2 advanced data compression technology is used to record high picture quality. Depending on scene complexity, real-time VBR controls the rate of MPEG2 compression in real time, varying it to enable more efficient recording.

* Visibility Modulation Technology
By automatically discerning the human range of attention and converting the information into a digital signal, this original Panasonic technology uses the most effective data during recording to assure high- quality images.


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