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Toshiba D-R2 DVD Recorder ... only $343.62
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Toshiba D-R2 DVD Recorder

Our Price: $ 343.62
Shipping: $ 8.99
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Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 YEAR.  
Type: Electronics/DVD Players & Recorders
FEATURES- Digital Video Recorder- silver

DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW* DVD Video Recorder. (*DVD-RW recording in
Video Mode). Does NOT include a hard drive.
In addition to the industry-leading DVD-RAM and DVD-R formats,
Toshibas Multi-Drive was developed to also provide playback and
recording of DVD-RW. With this advancement, Toshiba offers users
more flexibility in their home recording and viewing choices. The
multi-drive aspect promotes a variety of applications allowing
users to Time Shift frequently watched TV Shows and create home
recordings that are compatible with virtually every DVD player
currently in the market.
Toshiba DVRs offer a simplified EASY NAVI menu allowing for easy
access to recordings and the ability to preview those titles, as
well as a convenient and intuitive access to the unit's key
features. Time Slip function offers the ability to simultaneously
record and playback, enabling consumers to pause live television
as well as begin viewing a program from its beginning while
recording is still in progress. Stylish cosmetics complement other
Toshiba display devices, particularly flat panel displays, and
present a united "family" look to the line.
Transfer your VHS tapes to DVD discs.
Edit and digitally transfer home movies to DVD from your camcorder
via the digital video format.
Create homemade DVD discs compatible with virtually every DVD-Video
home player currently on the market.
Playback pre-recorded DVDs and experience today's finest progressive
scan with ColorStream Pro component video outputs.


  -- DVD FEATURES ---------------------------------------
* Disc Play
* Disc Record
* Progressive Scan Component Video Output- ColorStream Pro
   The benefit of using these output jacks to connect the player to a
   compatible TV is a pure digital full frame picture that is free of
   annoying scan lines and flicker.
* Digital Cinema Progressive (3:2 Pulldown)
   Delivers the smoothest, most film-like images to any progressive scan
   television, such as an HD-compatible one, and ensures maximum
* 10-bit 54MHz Video D/A Converter
   By processing the DVD video signal at 4 times the original 13.5MHz rate,
   this technology provides vivid and finely textured image reproduction.
   To provide a magnificent picture, the recorded 8-bit DVD image data
   receives 10-bit processing for faithful reproduction that extends to
   delicate signal details.
* Resolution- 540 lines
* 181-channel Tuner
An entry menu portal that provides quick and easy access to key features
   of the DVD Recorder, such as Timer Recording or DV Capture.
   Additionally, the EASY NAVI displays a "live action window", providing
   feedback to the user on the current status of the recorder, whether it
   is recording a program, in the Time Slip mode, or playing back content
   with DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW discs.
* Auto Clock Set
   Ensures that your VCR never blinks "12:00" again.  A special data stream
   in your local broadcast source (where available) automatically sets the
   clock display and keeps it accurate - even when time changes to daylight
   saving and back.  Auto Clock Set also provides on-screen display of each
   channel's call letters and ID.
* Daylight Savings Time Adjust
* Time Zone Adjust
* Auto Channel Setup
* Library Function

  -- PLAYBACK FEATURES ----------------------------------
* 3-D Digital Noise Reduction
   Frame-correlative and frame-buffer technology identifies and digitally
   filters out noise in the video signal.  Two levels of signal enhancement
   repress flicker and enhance screen transparency without sacrificing
   picture detail or resolution.
* Block Noise Reduction
* Mosquito Noise Reduction
* Instant Replay/Skip
* JPEG Viewer
   Enables the display of digital photographs captured in the JPEG file
   format. Simply load the CD with your favorite photos and create custom
   slide shows with a few simple clicks of the players remote control.
* WMA & MP3 Playback
* 24-bit/96 kHz PCM Audio Converter
   The increased word length (24-bit) and higher sampling frequency of PCM-
   encoded DVD-Video discs yield warmer and more natural digital audio
   performance with a less digitized or "edgy" sound.
* Dolby Digital and dts Compatible Output- Coaxial/TosLink
   Connected to a compatible AC-3 receiver, Dolby Digital creates a multi-
   channel audio experience and unsurpassed three-dimensional audio
   performance rivaling the best movie theaters.  And every Toshiba DVD
   player features DTS (Digital Theater Systems) compatibility.  A Toshiba
   DVD player can be connected to a DTS compatible receiver/decoder via its
   digital audio outputs for playback of high-resolution multi-channel DTS-
   encoded DVDs and CDs.
* Virtual Surround Sound- 3-D
* Digital Picture Zoom
   This interactive feature allows you to select an area of the picture you
   want to zoom in on and magnify it. Enhanced digital processing during
   moving video or freeze-frame playback produces superior color fidelity
   and resolution, even when you're zoomed in. Also can be used to expand
   letterbox only films to increase the viewable area on-screen.
* Screen Saver
   Prevents potential screen burn-in caused by long-standing video images.
   After five minutes of screen inactivity the Toshiba DVD logo 'ping-
   pongs' across the screen, thus keeping the phosphors active.
* Parental Lock
   Allows users to restrict the playback of DVDs that have embedded control
   flags/markers. This ensures greater control over DVD content.
* Fast Scan & Slow Motion
* Multi-Camera Angle Select
   Scenes in filmed entertainment may be shot from multiple camera angles,
   each providing a unique perspective.  DVD allows, at the director's
   discretion, up to nine different camera angels to be recorded on a disc.
   The Angle Viewer lets you display thumbnail samples from each available
   angle on-screen - in conjunction with a live image.  The compass cursor
   on the remote control allows you to select the camera angle you prefer
   to view.
* Multi-Language Select
* Multi-Subtitle Select

  -- RECORDING FEATURES ---------------------------------
* One-Touch Record (OTR)
   Permits "instant-on" recording of up to 4 hours in increments of 30
   minutes.  To eliminate unnecessary over recording, Toshiba's OTR cycles
   to the nearest half hour the first time the OTR OFF button is pressed.
* 3-D Y/C Comb Filter
* Time Base Correction
* 3D Digital Video Noise Reduction- 3D-DNR
* Timer Programming- Once/Daily/Weekly
* VCR Plus+ C3 Timer Recording
   With a 181-channel cable compatible tuner and a 2-month, 32-event timer
   programming functionality. Users may input their own program data, or
   take advantage of the built-in Gemstar VCR+ technology for simple timer
   event programming. Battery backup ensures that you will not lose your
   programming during power outages, and an Auto Clock function ensures
   your player will never blink 12:00 again.
* IR Blaster for Cable & DBS Box Control
* Auto Thumbnail Menu Generation
* Simultaneous Play & Record- DVD-RAM
* Time Slip Functions- Pause Live TV, Chase Play
   This feature allows the user to begin watching a recording that is
   already in progress. A Time Slip feature lets you 'pause' a live
   recording and then return to it later. During playback of both modes, a
   bar graph can be displayed on-screen depicting the 'progress' or
   location of the playback signal with regards to the real time recorded
* Video Recording Quality- 2 Presets & 38 User Adjustable
* Audio Recording Quality- DD1, DD2, L-PCM
* IEEE1394 DV Input Camcorder Controls
  - Device Controls
  - Chapter Insert by Date Stamp
  - Auto Chapter Insert by Recording Sessions

  -- EDITING FEATURES -----------------------------------
* On-Screen Keyboard
* Title/Chapter Naming
* Title/Chapter Thumbnail Creation
   The entire title content of the DVD-RAM can be displayed on-screen
   utilizing the Title Menu function. A thumbnail image of the beginning of
   the program is displayed with a variety of additional information
   including original recording date, program length, program bit rate,
   program title and more. This information can be displayed on-screen in
   the Title Summary mode. When creating a Title Summary you can choose
   from three languages using an alphanumeric keyboard  (English/French/
   Spanish). In Chapter Editing mode you can divide the title into chapters
   with thumbnails and individual names.
* Chapter Break Insert/Editing
* Merging Chapters
* PlayList Creation
* Universal Remote with TV Controls

  -- CONNECTORS -----------------------------------------
OUTPUTS (Rear Panel)-
  Y/Pr/Pb            1 set
  S-Video            1
  RCA Video          1
  L-R Audio (pair)   1
  TosLink Out        1
  RF                 1 (tuner pass-through only)
  IR Blaster         C3 IR Control for DBS and Cable Boxes
  S-Video            1 front & 2 rear
  RCA Video          1 front & 2 rear
  L-R Audio (pair)   1 front & 2 rear
  IEEE1394 DV        1 front
  RF                 1 rear

SIZE - 17.2"w x 3.12"h x 12.84"d


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