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Kodak EASYSHARE DX7440 Digtal Camera ... only $304.75
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Kodak EASYSHARE DX7440 Digtal Camera

Our Price: $ 304.75
Shipping: $ 7.99
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Returns Allowed: Yes.
Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 YEAR.  
Type: Electronics/Digital Cameras
Kodak EASYSHARE DX7440 resolution combined with high-quality fixed-focal length all-glass Canon optics to provide sharp, colorful images. 9 Point AiAF, 3.6x Digital Zoom, 3x Optical, 11x combined zoom

FEATURES- EasyShare DX7440 Zoom Digital Camera
If you can dream it, you can do it with the KODAK EASYSHARE DX7440 Zoom Digital Camera. That's because it is loaded with high- performance features that put you in control and deliver astounding image quality. Want unbelievable picture quality you can be proud of? Make your dreams a reality with the DX7440.
- Professional-quality SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON 4X Optical Zoom
- 4.0 MP for sharp, vibrant prints up to 20"x30" (50x76 cm)
- Exclusive KODAK Color Science Image Processing Chip
- Manual and custom controls
- 2.2" high-resolution indoor/outdoor display
- High-speed, low-light auto-focus
- Continuous shooting and bracketing modes
- 22 scene and color modes
- Sharing is one-touch simple
- Ready to go -- right out of the box
Includes Digital Camera, USB and audio/video cables, High-capacity Li-Ion battery (1050 mAh) and KODAK Li-Ion Rapid Battery Charger, Wrist strap, KODAK EASYSHARE Software, Getting started kit, Custom camera insert for optional KODAK EASYSHARE Camera and Printer Docks.

* Professional-quality SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON 4X Optical Zoom Lens The DX7440's professional-quality, all-glass zoom lens is crafted by the leader in lens optics technology.
- 4X optical zoom (35 mm equivalent: 33~132 mm) lets you get up close and see your subject in striking detail.
- 4X advanced digital zoom lets you go the extra distance when you need it.

* 4.0 MP for sharp, vibrant prints up to 20" x 30"
- 4.0MP gives you the power to print sharp prints up to 20" x 30".
- 32 MB internal memory plus SD/MMC expansion slot lets you keep shooting longer.

* Exclusive KODAK Color Science Image Processing Chip
With the exclusive KODAK Color Science Image Processing Chip every picture comes to life just the way you remember it. A new high-speed digital processor chip, advanced algorithms, and hardware acceleration features lets the DX7440 make simultaneous, split- second decisions to produce rich, vibrant, true-to-life colors in almost any lighting situation. Each time you click the shutter, the KODAK Color Science Chip performs an instantaneous and advanced analysis of collected scene data to identify and correct multiple factors that influence picture quality.
- Scene light source is detected and adjustments are made to capture bright whites and true, vivid colors under difficult lighting conditions -- fluorescent, tungsten or daylight.
- Scene content is analyzed for luminance, focal distance, subject matter orientation and color to determine the correct exposure and capture the natural details, accurate flesh tones, and rich colors you see in your composition.

* Manual and custom controls
Turn your creative vision into reality with a full palette of advanced manual, program auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, and custom controls.
- Manual controls
< Exposure compensation -- (+/- 2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps)
< Aperture -- wide (f/2.8~5.6) and tele (f/4.8~9.5)
< Shutter speeds -- automatic: 1/8~1/2000 seconds; manual: 64~1/1000 seconds.
< ISO equivalents -- automatic: 80~200; manual: 80, 100, 200, 400, 800 < Auto-focus -- multi-zone, center-weighted, selectable: left, center, right.
< Exposure metering type -- auto: TTL-AE matrix metering;
multi-pattern, center-weighted, center spot.
< White balance -- auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent
< Flash compensation -- +/- 1.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps < Flash mode -- auto, red-eye, fill, off -- for the right light every time.
- Custom mode
< Custom mode allows you to create your own capture mode.
< Set your preference for PASM, picture quality, compression and more.
< The DX7440 remembers your settings until you change them.
< Other selectable custom settings include: jpeg compression, resolution, color and sharpness.
- Program auto, aperture priority, shutter priority and custom modes
< Program mode (P) -- camera sets optimal shutter speed and aperture combination.
< Aperture priority mode (A) -- you choose aperture, the camera sets shutter speed.
< Shutter priority mode (S) -- you choose shutter speed, the camera sets aperture.

* 2.2" high-resolution indoor/outdoor display
- Large 2.2" high-resolution indoor/outdoor display.
- View brilliant, sharp images even in direct sunlight.
- Auto picture-rotation lets you review vertical shots vertically.
- Review modes let you fast magnify up to 8X with zoom control, fast scroll through pictures, or view multi-up.
- Protect pictures from accidental erasure -- store and protect pictures,
or create photo albums.

* High-speed, low-light, auto-focus
- Using dual-sensing technologies, the DX7440's high-speed, low-light, auto-focus system precisely fine tunes and sharply defines your subject in both low-light and bright light situations.
- Continuous auto-focus provides quick 0.3 seconds click-to-capture time.

* Continuous shooting and bracketing modes
- First burst mode -- captures up to 6 frames in rapid succession at 2 fps.
- Last burst mode -- captures up to 30 frames at 2 fps, with the last 6 frames saved.
- Auto exposure bracketing -- 3 images with user-selectable brackets (+/-0.3, +/-0.7 or +/-1.0 EV).

* 22 Scene and Color Modes
Experiment with your inner creativity. The DX7440 has a mode for almost any situation! You will get the shot you want, the way you want it.

- 16 programmed scene modes < Portrait mode -- places subject in sharp focus, softens background.
< Night Portrait mode -- clearly captures both subject and background at night.
< Self Portrait mode -- use for close-up of self.
< Landscape mode -- ensures maximum sharpness for distant scenes.
< Night Landscape mode -- ensures maximum sharpness for distant scenes at night.
< Close-up mode -- captures sharp, full-frame images at close range.
< Beach mode -- use for bright beach scene.
< Party mode -- use for photos of people in indoor setting.
< Sport mode -- captures subject in action without blurring. < Snow mode -- use for bright snow scene.
< Text mode -- ensures sharp text when photographing documents.
< Fireworks mode -- use for photos of fireworks.
< Flower mode -- captures close-up photos of flowers in bright light.
< Manner/Musuem mode -- use when sound or flash are not desired.
< Children mode -- captures action photos of children in bright light.
< Backlight mode -- use for photos when light is behind the subject.
- 5 color modes
< High color
< Low color
< Natural color
< Sepia
< Black and white
- Movie mode
< Continuous video with audio and on-camera playback.
< Select VGA (640 x 480) at 13 fps for maximum resolution or QVGA (320 x 240) at 24 fps for maximum frame rate.
< Shoot in continuous video mode or one of three optional video clip lengths.
< Memory is dependant upon size of external memory card.
< QuickTime video format allows for universal sharing.

* Sharing is one-touch simple
The DX7440 is part of the KODAK EASYSHARE System, so sharing your pictures is one-button simple. Just press Share.
- On-camera Share button
< Simple sharing starts right on the back of the camera.
< Exclusive Share button, lets you tag your favorite pictures to print or email later.
< On-camera picture collection to share your pictures anytime, anywhere using the Favorites feature.
< The DX7440 includes KODAK EASYSHARE Software.
< Works seamlessly with EASYSHARE Cameras and Docks to enable one- button transferring and sharing.
< The easy way to view, edit, organize, print or view a slide show from your computer.
< Exclusive One Touch to Better Pictures feature automatically adjusts the settings on your inkjet printer to give you traditional quality photos when printing on KODAK Inkjet Photo Papers. - KODAK EASYSHARE Camera Dock 6000 (optional accessory)
< Transfer button instantly uploads pictures to your computer for viewing, printing and emailing.
< Also charges your camera battery in less than 3.5 hours.
< USB connection (USB 2.0 compatible).
- KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock (optional accessory)
< Prints real Kodak borderless 4"x6" (10x15 cm) photos in less than 2 minutes.
< Print with or without a computer.
< Transfers pictures and charges battery just like the Camera Dock 6000.


CCD Resolution : 1/2.5" type (4.23 million total pixels)
Image Resolution : 4.0 megapixel
Image Quality :
4.0 MP -- (2304 x 1728 pixels)
3.5 MP -- (2304 x 1536 pixels) 3:2
3.1 MP -- (2048 x 1536 pixels)
2.1 MP -- (1656 x 1242 pixels)
1.1 MP -- (1200 x 900 pixels)
Compression : standard and fine
Zoom : 16X total zoom
4X optical zoom -- 5.5~21.8 mm (35 mm equivalent: 33-132 mm) 4X advanced digital zoom
Aperture Wide : f/2.8 ~ 5.6; tele: f/4.8 ~ 9.5
Shutter Speed : automatic- 1/8 ~ 1/2000 seconds
manual - 64 ~ 1/1000 seconds
Viewfinder : real image optical viewfinder
Display : 2.2" TFT, 153K pixel resolution indoor/outdoor display.
CREATIVE PERFORMANCE SPECs- Capture Mode : auto, 16 scene (SCN) modes, program auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, custom setting.
Color Mode : color (high, natural, low), black and white, sepia, sharpness (high, normal, low).
Burst Mode : First burst mode -- 2 fps, up to 6 frames in sequence.
Last burst mode -- up to 30 frames at 2 fps, with last 6 frames saved.
Click to Capture : 0.2 seconds (preview on)
Shot to Shot : 1.2 seconds (preview on)
Movie Capture : video with audio capture/playback
Movie Image Resolution: VGA (640 x 480 pixels) at 13 fps
QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) at 24 fps
Movie Length : limited by memory card capacity or 5, 15, or 30 second clips.
Movie File Format : Still- JPEG/EXIF v2.2 Video- QuickTime MOV (MPEG-4 compression)
Focus/Auto-focus : contrast detection TTL-AF and external sensor for low-light, high-speed precision AF; continuous AF, single AF, accessory AF; multi-zone, center- weighted, selectable: left, center, right.
Focus Distance :
Normal wide -- 50 cm (19.7 in.) to infinity
Normal tele -- 75 cm (29.5 in.) to infinity
Close-up wide -- 10~60 cm (3.9 ~ 23.6 in.)
Close-up tele -- 25-85 cm (9.8 ~ 33.5 in.)

ISO Equivalent : 80~200 (automatic); 80, 100, 200, 400, 800 (manual).
White Balance : auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent
Light Metering Method : Auto - TTL-AE matrix metering Selectable- multi-pattern, center-weighted, center spot.
Exposure Control : manual exposure control
Long Time Exposure : 0.7 ~ 64 seconds
Exposure Compensation : +/- 2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
Automatic Exposure Bracketing: auto- 3 images with user-selectable brackets +/- 0.3, +/-0.7 or +/-1.0 EV.
Flash Mode : auto, red-eye, fill, off
Flash Range : Wide -- 0.6 ~ 4.0 m (2 ~ 13.1 ft.) Tele -- 0.6 ~ 2.3 m (2 ~ 7.6 ft.)
Flash Compensation : +/- 1.0 EV in 1/2 EV steps
Review Mode : Limited and full picture information, fast magnify with zoom control, full-frame fast scroll, album, protect, image storage, slide show, copy, multi-up; Share button to print, email and select favorites.
Favorites Mode : store up to 200 pictures on camera
Auto-orientation : Auto picture rotation -- orientation sensor
Software : KODAK EASYSHARE Software
Storage : Internal- 132 MB internal memory External- SD/MMC card expansion slot
Self-timer : 10 seconds
Compatibility : Dock compatability- KODAK EASYSHARE Camera and Printer Docks.
Power Options : Optional KODAK EASYSHARE Docks with Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack; KODAK EASYSHARE Li-Ion (1050 mAh) rechargeable battery (supplied) or KODAK EASYSHARE Li-Ion (1700 mAh) rechargeable battery, 5V DC adapter.
Lens Protection : built-in lens barrier
Tripod Mount : 1/4 in. standard
Interface : Power input (5V DC) A/V output (NTSC or PAL, user selectable) KODAK Camera Dock/Printer Dock interface USB compliant connector
8237448 EASYSHARE Printer Dock 6000
8210049 EASYSHARE Camera Dock 6000
1064062 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery - 1700 mAH
8499741 EASYSHARE Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack
8312548 Li-Ion Rapid Battery Charger Kit
233 MHz processor or greater
200 MB hard drive disk space available
CD-ROM drive
Available USB port
Color monitor, 800x600 pixels (16-bit or 24-bit recommended) Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000 SP1/XP
Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
MACINTOSH OS X 10.2.3, 10.3
SAFARI 1.0 or higher
128 MB RAM
200 MB hard drive disk space available
CD-ROM drive
Available USB port
Color monitor, 1024x768 pixels (thousands or millions of colors recommended).
SIZE - 4.0"w x 2.7"h x 1.6"d
WT.- 7.9 oz.


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