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Panasonic PVGS120 MiniDV Digital Camcorder ... only $630.52
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Panasonic PVGS120 MiniDV Digital Camcorder

Our Price: $ 630.52
Shipping: $ 8.99
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Returns Allowed: Yes.
Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 YEAR.  
Type: Electronics/Camcorders
3CCD Compact MiniDV, 10x Optical/700 Dig, Leica Lens, 1.2 Megapixel

FEATURES- Digital Palmcorder MultiCam Camcorder

3CCD Ultra-Compact Digital Palmcorder MultiCam Camcorder with Leica Dicomar Lens. The PV-GS120, with it's 3CCD Camera System, reproduces color in great fidelity by using a separate CCD for reds, greens and blues. It is the same 3CCD technology used in Panasonic professional broadcast equipment, resulting in 540 lines of breathtaking resolution. You can count on Panasonic 3CCD Digital Camcorders to give you colors that are as rich and vibrant as your life.

* Quality Pictures Start with a Quality Leica Dicamor Lens
World-renowned lens-maker LEICA has developed an exquisite, 12-element, multi-coated lens that helps add a high-level of detail and subtlety to your creations. With refinements like a 2-stage neutral density filter for aperture independent adjustment, you'll appreciate the remarkably crisp, true-to-life color that is a hallmark of Leica Dicomar optics.

* Capture Still Pictures With Superb Quality
The PV-GS120 captures still images with incredible detail at up to 1.2-megapixels. The Quad-Density Pixel Distribution Technology used in this model makes it possible to capture still pictures with superb megapixel quality. The tiny 2.5-micron intervals between pixels are shifted by one-half pitch both vertically and horizontally, which distributes them on the CCD with four times the density of previous systems.

* Digital Electronics Image Stabilizer (D-EIS)
Digital EIS compensates for unintentional hand and camcorder movement to help stabilize your recordings, even while you're recording as a passenger from a moving vehicle or while walking. With Digital EIS, you will not have to worry about shaky soccer games or family outings.

* 10x Optical Zoom and 700x Digital Zoom
An optical zoom this powerful works like a telescope to produce close-up shots with extraordinary clarity. And with the different zoom speeds, you can control how quick you go from a wide angle to telephoto zoom-- anywhere from 2 to 22 seconds. Through the use of digital technology, the zoom ratio on the PV-GS120 can be increased digitally, producing an incredibly close shot. You won't miss a single detail!

* Capture that spur-of-the-moment event with Quick Start
The PV-GS120 Quick Start button helps you capture important video almost instantly. Just 1.7 seconds after switching the camcorder on, it is ready to shoot those can't miss scenes.


Add'l Return Info: All Returns call Panasonic 800-211-7262

FORMAT - Mini DV Format/Compact Design

LCD - 2.5" color

ZOOM - 10x Optical, 700x Digital

CCD - 1/6", 460K x 3

LENS - Leica Dicomar

IMAGE SIZE - 640 x 480 (normal), 1280 x 960 (fine)


PROGRAM AE - 5-mode Auto Exposure

FOCUS - Auto and Manual

MEMORY TYPE - SD Card, 8MB SD card included

MISC. - Still Picture Recording : 1.2 MEGA (With Quad-Density Pixel Distribution Technology) Quad-Density Pixel

Distributing Technology: Yes

Soft-Skin Mode : Yes

Digital Electronic Image Stabilization : Yes

Simultaneous Motion/ Still Shots : Yes RapidFire Consecutive Still Shots : Yes

Zoom Mic : Yes

Cinema Mode : Yes

Digital Effects : Record and Playback

PCM Stereo : 12-bit/16-bit

Slow/Frame Advance : Requires IR Remote

Index Search Scene/ Photo : Requires IR Remote

Self-Demo Mode : Yes

SP/LP Record Mode : Yes

Audio Dubbing : SP only

Battery & Tape Indicators : Yes

Analog In
S-Video Out
S-Video In
External Microphone Input
Headphone Jack
USB port

SIZE - 2 3/4"w x 3"h x 5"d
WT.- 0.99 lbs.


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