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Panasonic PVGS9 MiniDV Digital Camcorder ... only $351.29
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Panasonic PVGS9 MiniDV Digital Camcorder

Our Price: $ 351.29
Shipping: $ 8.99
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Manufacturer Warranty: 1 YEAR.  
Type: Electronics/Camcorders
Mini DV Palmcorder digital 680K CCD, 20x OPTICAL ZOOM, 700x DIGITAL

FEATURES- Digital Palmcorder MultiCam Camcorder
       with 20X Hi-Definition Zoom and 800X Digital Zoom.
       Built-in Light
       680,000 Pixel CCD
       Digital Electronic Image Stabilization (Record)
       DV Studio (via USB connection)

* Mini DV Format
   Mini DV digital recording format delivers 3x color bandwidth of VHS and
   lower signal-to-noise ratio compared to analog formats and provides    
   stunning video performance comparable to DVD.
* 1/6", 680K CCD
   Enables you to capture crisp, clear images in ultra-high resolution.
* Optical Zoom- 20x
   This powerful feature acts like a telescope to produce close-up shots
with extraordinary clarity, so you won't miss a single detail. And, with
   seven different zoom speeds, you can control how fast you go from wide
   angle to full telephoto zoom - anywhere from 2 to 22 seconds.
* Digital Zoom- 800x
   Through the use of digital technology, the zoom ratio on all Digital
   Palmcorder Camcorders can be increased digitally, producing an
   incredible close shot.
* Soft-Skin Mode
   This feature detects skin tones and softens the focus in that area of
   the picture. It makes blemishes and lines appear less noticeable, while
   preserving the sharpness of other areas in the picture.
* Viewfinder- B/W
* Easy to View Dial Mode
   Makes it easy to choose the desired operating mode by simply rotating
   the mode dial.
* Easy to View LCD- 2.5"
   The LCD screen swivels open to a wide 120 degree angle for easy viewing.
* Easy Cassette Eject
   A one-touch, side-eject system makes it easy to insert or remove a tape,
   even when it's mounted on a tripod.
* Quick Start
   The camcorder will start up quickly when it is in Quick Start mode, so
   you will not miss those unexpected moments waiting for your camcorder to
   turn on.
* MagicPix Images
   This feature is a great way to record full-color video or still images
   even in low light settings. Now you can capture priceless memories like
   a sleeping baby or a moonlit vacation night.
* Zoom Microphone
   As you zoom in on the picture, the audio will also zoom in so that you
   can pinpoint distant sound emanating from your subject.
* Cinema Mode
   All 2004 Digital Camcorders have the ability to record video in
   widescreen mode, giving you a 16:9 aspect ratio that is the same as a
   movie screen. When played back on a television, the result is dramatic
   looking cinema-like movies at home.
* High Speed Shutter
  In Tape Mode- 1/60 ~ 1/8,000, In Card Mode- 1/60 ~ 1,800
   Allows you to capture clear, sharp still images of fast-moving subjects,
   which is ideal for use at sporting events.

* PhotoShot Built-in Digital Still Camera- Tape
   With the built-in digital still camera, you can instantly capture
   incredibly lifelike video or still images, without switching cameras.
   Everything you need is in one easy-to-use product, putting you in
   control over any recording situation.
* Progressive PhotoShot Mode
   This feature helps eliminate fuzziness by capturing the image data of a
   singular moment and then temporarily storing the event in two separate
   field memories. The two images of the exact same moment are then
   combined, with no time lag, to yield images that are better quality than
   standard recorded stills.
* USB Port
   Allows you to connect your camcorder to a PC and quickly transfer your
   recordings for viewing and editing.
* i.LINK (IEEE 1394/FireWire PC Interface)
    Using the IEEE-1394 PC interface, you are able to connect your digital
    camcorder to compatible personal computers for advanced editing and
    viewing purposes.  This exceptional digital interface also provides for
    connection to similarly equipped digital camcorders, allowing you to
    produce duplicate copies of your personal recordings without any loss  
    in picture quality.
* DV Studio (USB Connection, with optional cable)
    This convenient feature allows you to link the camcorder to your
    computer via the USB port. Then, you can easily transfer still images
    captured on MiniDV tape to your computer for use in e-mail or printed
* MPEG4 Movie Recording
   Go ahead and share your favorite moments with family and friends. It's
   easy with MPEG4 Movie Recording. The high compression MPEG4 format lets
   you record moving images that can be used on the Internet or as e-mail
   attachments. And you can choose from three recording modes: Superfine,
   Fine or Normal depending on your needs. You can even record your movies
   to an SD memory card for added convenience.

* Digital Effects (Record & Playback)
   You can add digital effects to your videos either while recording or
   during playback, giving you an exciting new angle to your home movies.  
   Digital Zoom (Playback)- Enlarges the center of the image by 2x.        
   Digital Mirror (Record and Playback)- Creates a mirror-like symmetrical 
   Strobe (Record and Playback)- Digitally "freezes" a series of images.   
   Mosaic (Record and Playback)- Turns the image into a mosaic pattern.    
   Slim (Record and Playback)- Expands the image vertically.               
   Stretch (Record and Playback)- Expands the image horizontally.          
   Trail (Record and Playback)- Gives images a "trailing" effect as if the 
    image is leaving pieces of itself behind.                              
   Monotone (Playback)- Makes the image black and white.                   
   Sepia (Playback)- Makes the image look older with a brownish sepia tone.
* Picture-In-Picture                                                       
   This feature allows you to insert a previously taken digital still image
   into the video you're recording onto the tape. The still image is taken
   using the PhotoShot feature and appears on the right of the video you're
   recording. The video and miniaturized still shot then appear together
   during playback.
* 5-Mode Program Auto Exposure (AE)                                        
   With this setting, you can prepare your camcorder to record under a     
   number of conditions, including:                                        
   Sports - Ideal for sporting events and other fast-paced action.  With   
     extraordinarily sharp still and slow playback, you can be your own    
     replay official.                                                      
   Portrait- Focuses on the main subject of the image and leaves the       
     background slightly out of focus by changing the depth of field.      
   Low Light- Preserves the mood of dim-light settings without altering    
     picture brightness.                                                   
   Spot Light- Gives the image a "spot light" effect, highlighting a
     portion of your shot.                  
   Surf and Snow- Compensates for excessive illumination from sun glare to 
     produce a clear picture.
* PCM Stereo (12-Bit/16-Bit)
   With the amazing 16-bit PCM technology, you can record audio at
   extremely high levels for magnificently crisp stereo sound.  The
   impressive 12-bit PCM technology utilizes two sets of stereo, allowing
   you to add new audio while maintaining the existing audio, perfect for
   inserting background music or commentary into your videos.
* Wind Cut
* Focus (Auto/Manual)
* Self Record
* Self Demo Mode
* SP/LP Record Modes                                                       
   Uses both SP and LP recording speeds.  SP, or Standard tape speed, has a
   normal recording time for 30, 60 and 80 minute tapes.  LP is a long, or 
   extended recording speed, allowing you to record up to 120 minutes on an
   80 minute tape.                                                         
* Multi-Screen
* Audio Dubbing
   Allows you to replace audio without affecting the existing video (SP
   mode only).
* Battery & Tape Indicators
* Composite Video Out
* Headphone Jack
SIZE - 2 3/4"w x 3 3/8"h x 4 3/8"d            WT.- 0.88 lbs.


Format: MiniDV
LCD Screen Monitor: Yes
Image Stabilization: Yes
Snapshot: Yes
Optical Zoom: 20x
Remote: No
Built-in Light: Yes


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