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Panasonic pvl354 Camcorder 2.5
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Panasonic pvl354 Camcorder 2.5" LCD

Our Price: $ 237.34
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Type: Electronics/Camcorders
Palmcorder Camcorder with Color Viewfinder and 2.5 Diagonal. Color LCD Monitor

FEATURES- VHS-C Palmcorder Camcorder
       with 2.5" diagonal Color LCD Monitor
       700x Digital Zoom
       Panasonic VHS-C Palmcorder Camcorders are incredibly convenient
        because they're VHS format. That means, with an optional VHS
        PlayPack cassette adapter, you can play its tapes in any VCR.
        Besides being an easy way to view your recordings, it also helps to
        reduce wear on the camcorder video heads since usage can be
        restricted to recording only. And best of all, your memories will
        be captured with all of the outstanding color, clarity, and detail
        that are hallmarks of Panasonic camcorders.

* Stylish, Slim design
* VHS Compatibility
   Unlike many camcorders, our VHS-C Palmcorder MultiCam Camcorders are VHS
   format, so your recordings can easily be played in any VCR with just an
   optional VHS PlayPak adaptor.
* Lens (CCD) Size- 1/6" 270K
* Optical Zoom- 20x
   This powerful feature acts like a telescope to produce close-up shots
   with extraordinary clarity, so you won't miss a single detail. And, with
   seven different zoom speeds, you can control how fast you go from wide
   angle to full telephoto zoom - anywhere from 2 to 22 seconds.
* Digital Zoom- 700x
   Through the use of digital technology, the zoom ratio on all Digital
   Palmcorder Camcorders can be increased digitally, producing an
   incredible close shot.
* 2-Second Quick Zoom/Zoom Speed (2.0 ~ 16 seconds)
* Color LCD Monitor- 2.5"
   This 2.5" diagonal LCD screen delivers a brilliantly clear picture in
   full, vivid color. The screen rotates 270 degrees, so you can hold the
   camcorder at many different angles while you record. Plus, with a built-
   in speaker, you can check your finished recordings right on location by
   playing them back on the LCD screen.
* Viewfinder- B/W
* Digital Electronic Image Stabilization (D-EIS)
   Digital EIS compensates for unintentional hand and camcorder movement to
   help stabilize your recordings, even when you're recording as a
   passenger from a moving vehicle, or walking.  Now with Dual D-EIS, you
   can even use the same technology in the Playback mode to help record
   additional jitter from previously recorded video.
* AccuBrite Built-in Light
   Includes a built-in light that can automatically power on when needed.
   This helps to improve overall picture quality and color rendition in low
   light settings. It's perfect for video and when used with the PhotoShot
   Built-in Digital Still Camera.                               
* Full-Size Video Head Cylinder
   You can expect outstanding picture quality in your recordings since the
   video head cylinder is the same size as the cylinder in VHS VCRs.  When
   played back on VHS decks the picture is crisp, clear and steady. 
* Programmed Recording
   You can program your camcorder to start and stop recording for either
   10, 20, 30 minutes or until the tape ends.
* High-Speed Shutter (Auto, 1/60 ~ 1/10,000)
   Allows you to capture clear, sharp still images of fast-moving subjects,
   which is ideal for use at sporting events.
* Battery Pack- 1 Hour (Ni-MH)

* Bilingual On-Screen Display (English/Spanish)
   A bilingual On-Screen Display that lets you see the commands in English
   or Spanish.
* Color Digital Effects (7 effects, 8 colors)    
  - Digital Strobe: Digitally "freezes" a series of images.
  - Digital Still : Digitally "freezes" one image.
  - Digital Wipe  : A horizontal, vertical, or square wipe that can also be
    frozen at any point can make for an exciting transition between scenes.
  - Color Digital Filter: Now you can have the duo-tone effect of a color
    filter without having to attach one to the lens. The built-in filter
    lets you add your choice of sepia, red, yellow, blue or green to the
    overall picture.
* MotionSensor                                                             
   A simple home security feature that will start the camcorder recording  
   within seconds of perceiving motion, and stop 30 seconds after motion   
   ceases.  The date and time are automatically recorded on the tape.  
* Auto Daylight Savings Time
* Preset Date/Time with Time Zone Select
* Self-Demo Mode
* One-Touch Auto Fade (Black & White)
* Tape & Battery Remaining Indicator
* 10-Second Reminder
* Stand-By Release
* Removable Lens Cap
SIZE - 3 3/8"w x 4 7/8"h x 8 7/8"d          WT.- 1.93 lbs.


Format: VHS-C
LCD Screen Monitor: Yes
Image Stabilization: Yes
Snapshot: No
Optical Zoom: 20x
Remote: No
Built-in Light: Yes


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