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ReplayTV 5532 320 hrs DVR ... only $598.59
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ReplayTV 5532 320 hrs DVR

Our Price: $ 598.59
Shipping: $ 8.99
Availability: In Stock.   Usually ships within 24 hours  
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Returns Allowed: Yes.
Return Period (Days): 90  
Manufacturer Warranty: 90 DAYS.  
Type: Electronics/DVD Players & Recorders
FEATURES- ReplayTV 5532- 320 Hours
Up to 320 hours recording capacity. 3 year service no longer included in the price. Owners will have the option of a $12.95 per month or $299 lifetime service plan. With ReplayTV, there's always something good on, and you don't ever need to be bothered by commercial interruptions again! Topping the charts of user-friendly features, Commercial Advance(R) lets you choose to skip commercial breaks all-together when you playback recorded shows. No fast forward, no remote control interaction at all. Just a split-second "blip" and you're right back into the action. Not bad for starters... and how about all those advanced features for the connected home, like Internet Video Sharing and Room-to-Room Video Streaming? It's all possible, and a whole lot easier than you think. With the ReplayTV 5500, you can connect to the ReplayTV Service through your high-speed broadband Internet connection or an analog modem. Your choice. And regardless of how you connect your ReplayTV, you'll enjoy all the benefits this first-class DVR offers including easy one-button recording of your favorite shows and the option to watch recorded shows without commercials!

* Your shows, your schedule
You do not even need to know when shows are on. DVRs automatically find and record your favorite shows without videotape and let you watch them on your schedule.

* Easy tape-free recording
Eliminate the hassle of tapes, timers or missed recordings.

* One-touch record and simple on-screen show listings
Rapidly and easily choose and capture your favorite shows.

* Keyword Search
Browse what is playing by actor, director, topic and other key parameters to record all the shows that match your interests.

* Pause and Instant Replay while watching Live TV
Pause live action, replay what you missed.

* QuickSkip
Skip over boring stuff in 30-second bursts.

* Highest picture and sound quality available
480p Progressive Scan and Digital Audio Out deliver superior performance on digital TVs and home theater systems.

* ReplayTV is broadband and home-network ready with built-in Ethernet port- there is no extra hardware to buy and no extra charges for networking Replay TVs.

* Network multiple Replay TVs
Share your shows throughout the house without paying extra fees.

* Not at home?
Use the Internet to tell your ReplayTV what you want to record.

* View Digital Photos
Store digital photos on your ReplayTV and view them as slideshows on your TV (networked PC required).

* Networking and Multimedia features
- Ethernet port for connection to home networks

- Video streaming between multiple networked ReplayTVs - MyReplayTV.com for remote programming of your ReplayTV from the Web.
- PC connectivity for transferring digital photos to and from ReplayTV units. - Broadband-connected nightly downloads from ReplayTV Service.

* Hardware features
- Compatible with cable, satellite and antenna programming feeds.
- Progressive output provides higher quality image resolution and is compatible with HDTV monitors.
- Digital Audio output provides a higher quality audio and is compatible with Audio/Video receivers with optical connectors.

* Digital Recording features
- One-touch recording from grid-based channel guide.
- Easily find shows with keyword search
- Show Extender lets you manually extend recording time at the start and end of shows.
- VCR-style Manual Record to manually set time, date, channel and frequency of record.
- Improved Replay Guide with Show Organizer to easily manage shows and photos all-in-one location.
- Conflict Resolver for immediate and simple resolution of recording conflicts.

* Live TV and Playback controls
- Pause, Instant Replay, Slow Motion, Frame Advance, Multi-speed Rewind and Fast Forward.
- QuickSkip ahead 30 seconds
- Store and view your digital photos on TV
- Screen saver option using digital photos


Infrared blaster port
Serial port
Ethernet port (RJ-45 connector)
RJ-11 telephone jack
A/C power cord
USB port (for future functionality)
Network Activity and Link lights

Inputs :
RF/ANT for cable (F-type)
Line One (2 audio RCA: 1 composite video RCA)
Line Two (2 audio RCA; 1 composite video RCA; 1 S-Video)

Line One (2 audio RCA; 1 composite video RCA)
Line Two (2 audio RCA; 1 composite video RCA; 1 S-Video)
Progressive output (YPrPb)
Digital Audio output (Optical connector)

Video horizontal resolution for composite and S-video outputs: 425 lines
Video horizontal resolution for Progressive output : 450 lines
Video signal to noise ratio: 50dB minimum
Audio frequency response : 20Hz-20KHz +/-1dB
Differential gain : less than 2% maximum


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